Surveillance has come into the computer world. DVR (Digital Video Recording) is not the wave of the future, its HERE now!

The quality of surveillance recordings can make all the difference. Grainy analog tapes are not always usable when trying to identify a perpetrator. Digital Recordings are clear, precise and easy to use. No more hours of reviewing tapes to locate a specific event. Simply go to the date, the time and play back the recording.

This is a user friendly Windows XP based system. Learning how to operate a completely separate system isn't necessary.

With an active internet connection, it's entirely possible to log into the system from a remote location and view what is happening, real-time or what has happened weeks ago. Recording remotely is also a feature that has tremendous benefits.

Effective video security systems combine quality tested components with knowledgeable design and support. Don't gamble with your security product source. Complete IT Center is a CCTV reseller you can trust. Don't waste your time on expensive low quality products or providers. Let us design, sell, and install all of your security camera systems.

Security camera systems from Complete IT Center include all of the cameras, software, hardware, power, cable, and connectors that will complete your professional CCTV system. Add our emphatic customer support and your choice for a security camera system source is simple.

PC Based Geovision DVR Cards allow us to custom build your digital video recorder. The Geovision software is packed with all of the features you would want for your Security camera systems. We also provide custom built DVRs based on any of our Geovision DVR cards and high quality pc components.